Building a Custom House Versus Buying

Building a Custom Home Versus Buying

Updated: April 28, 2023

To build or to buy? That’s a question that every homeowner and prospective homeowner contemplates. What most people want is a quality guarantee and the ability to control costs. Also, as inflation keeps rising, the housing market is getting hit daily. Buyers are now considering alternatives, like building a house versus buying an already built one.

Even the people who choose to buy still look for their version of a perfect home. On top of the list of considerations when weighing options is a desire to personalize. Having a home where every aspect is customized to your perfection is an unmatched feeling. You should partner with a trusted company like ReThink Enterprise LLC to customize the house to your liking.

It’s our job to turn bare and formless lands into beautiful homes. Whether you have a dream or already have a plan, we’d love to work with you “from dirt to done.”

Building Vs. Buying A House: Is Building Better?

Homeownership is no easy task. You should factor in market trends, location, and property taxes when house hunting. From there, you can decide which home makes the most sense for you.

Advantages of Building a Custom Home

Quality Guarantee

You are sure that the building materials used are of high quality and quantity, unlike buying a house where everything may look pristine at first, only for cracks to start showing a year after purchase.


For an investment as significant as a house, you should have the final say over every feature. Imagine spending thousands of dollars on a home and adjusting to the previous owner’s décor.

Let’s not even talk about the cost of reconstructing spaces for workability purposes. For example, if you love wide doors, you’ll have to demolish a wall and put them instead. That also means more spending.


Part of having control is being able to construct what you can afford. Remember, you’ll be building a house that fits within your budget instead of buying, where you spend more money redoing it after purchasing.

People sometimes argue that building from scratch is more expensive than buying. That statement isn’t correct because people build homes based on their budget, just like they buy houses.


Imagine being present from the onset, watching the project take shape, brick by brick, from groundbreaking to roofing. Accomplishing such a glorious dream and finally becoming a homeowner is the ultimate satisfaction.


When building from scratch, you can choose features that prioritize energy sustainability. You can also go for eco-friendly materials since they are always more durable in the long run and conserve the environment.

Hire Professionals

Building a house is such a huge undertaking that no one should underlook the need to hire professional custom home builders. You don’t want to end up with a nightmare of a project that you’ll have to live in for the rest of your life.

Professional builders come in with knowledge and skills amassed from years of experience in the craft. They understand every detail of building a structure. They know what needs to be done to make everything work properly. Custom home builders ensure every aspect of the project is done correctly, perfectly, and on time.

In addition, since they build many houses yearly, they have nurtured solid relationships with suppliers. Under their buying power, you’ll get discounts and the best prices for fixtures, building materials, and more.

Hiring Professionals: The Process

Most people only seek construction services once they decide to build a house. However, that shouldn’t be the case. It would be best to have professional counsel, even when debating whether to buy or build. ReThink Enterprise is the building partner that will hold your hand when the project is still an idea, all the way to the final homebuilding stage.

Construction starts as soon as we hold in-person preliminary meetings to create and discuss the vision board. Then we plan a site visit to ensure it’s the right fit for your dream home. Next, we plan, develop the budget and designs, and do preliminary engineering. Engineering testing aims to help us know aspects like the type of soil, utility access, septic pits, and layouts.

Step four is to get the permits and contract details and ensure all paperwork is in order. Once that is done, we’re set for the most amazing part of a construction project —the groundbreaking. Finally, it’s time to start building. This process is always tasking, especially when hiring different people to perform specific roles. Please Contact us for all information regarding Custom Homes.

At ReThink Enterprise, we take that burden from you by using our in-house team to perform all duties, from construction, septic installation, framing, and internal and external installations like doors and windows. Our project managers will be available to inform you about the progress and any matters that arise.

Are you planning to construct a custom house in Colorado? Contact ReThink Enterprise to customize your dream home and make it a reality.

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