Custom Home Ideas: Unique Features

Unique Custom Home Features

Unique Custom Home Features

If you’ve ever considered building your own custom home, you’ve probably thought about the big picture, like what types of rooms you would like, how big you want the space, and where everything will go. But you may not have considered the little features that can make your space feel like a true one-of-a-kind home. When it comes to designing your dream home, here are some unique features you may want to include:

Add Extra Storage Space Under the Stairs

We could all use a little extra storage, no matter how perfectly planned our home is. Creating a custom home is the perfect time to ensure you put every inch to good use. Under the stairs is commonly an area considered to be wasted space, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Consider turning that area into a small room that can be used as a coat closet, tiny playroom, holiday decor storage, or a space for your dog or cat to hang out. Alternatively, add bookshelves or drawers to the side of your stairs to give yourself an area to organize things you don’t use as often.

Create Your Own Built-Ins

Skip purchasing and lugging expensive large bookshelves and cabinets into your new home, and consider adding custom built-ins. Built-in cabinets and shelves allow you to create a setup that perfectly fits your needs for every room. Consider built-in bookshelves for your office, an entertainment center for movie nights, shelves in the wall down a wide hallway for decorations, and more. There is so much you can do with built-ins. The possibilities are endless!

Make an Outdoor Living Space

Spending time outdoors can be an enjoyable pastime, especially when you have an outdoor space that allows for everything you enjoy. If you plan to spend a lot of time in the backyard, consider planning a permanent outdoor space that suits your needs. Add an outdoor kitchen, a dedicated grilling area, a pool or hot tub, built-in shaded areas, a beautiful garden, custom walkways, etc.

It’s easy to make your yard a luxurious space to relax and play when designing and building it from the ground up.

Get Creative with Ceiling Design

Your custom home design doesn’t have to stop with room and storage design. Get experimental with your ceiling design. Add high-arched ceilings, recessed lighting, stunning molding, or skylights to your space. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

By considering how little details like your ceilings can affect the overall mood of your area, you can have a home that fits your needs and stands out beautifully.

Build with Technology in Mind

We use technology daily, so why not build your new home with that in mind? The first thing you’ll want to be aware of is outlets. Don’t skimp out on outlet placement; you’ll need them everywhere.

Think about how you can set them up to ensure you have an adequate amount for all your appliances and electronics. This is especially important in places like the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. If you’re interested in turning your home into a smart home or adding a security system, ensure it is wired with this in mind before it is finished being built.

It is always easier and cheaper to go ahead and plan for these types of things ahead of time than to go back and add them later.

Build Your Custom Home with Rethink Enterprise LLC

There is a lot to plan for when building your dream home. When designing a custom home, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your home builders are qualified. Rethink Enterprise specializes in building custom homes, outbuildings, and metal structures and even provides digging & excavation services!

At Rethink Enterprise, we only work with the best materials available and do all we can to stay within your budget.

We offer a one-year warranty on all our completed projects. Our goal is to deliver high-quality products within the shortest possible time frame. We strive to meet deadlines without compromising quality.

We understand that not every client can afford to wait, and we are committed to delivering top-notch products within the agreed-upon timeframe.

If you’re ready to start designing your new home, contact us, and let us take care of any excavation and construction you need to do.

Image Source: Franck-Boston /Shutterstock

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