Energy efficient Homes

ReThink Enterprise consistently pushes to be the best in energy efficiency practices and we are always excited to build and outfit your home with top-of-the-line energy efficient features. While current codes call for builders to meet strict energy efficiency code, we offer many additional upgrades that result in a nearly “zero-energy” home.

Our goal is to craft a sustainable and environmentally friendly home for all of our clients. This starts with a “ZIP System” on the exterior of homes. ZIP systems include the structural sheathing and exterior water/vapor barrier together and replace the standard exterior sheathing of a home, allowing it to remain impervious to air and water.

To guarantee energy efficiency and security, we implement a blower door test, which checks to detect air leaks and allows a contractor to correct potential problems before a house is finished.  We require all of our home builds to pass the blower door test to ensure no air infiltrates a new home, thus eliminating cold drafts and slashing energy costs.

We also regularly install closed cell spray foam (rather than traditional insulation) in critical areas of a home to dramatically improve R-values and minimize air infiltration by ensuring a house is tightly sealed.

ReThink Enterprise specializes in building Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) homes.  SIP is a building material consisting of an insulating layer of rigid core sandwiched between two layers of structural board that significantly decreases a home’s environmental footprint and allows for greater energy efficiency. Visit Thermocore to learn more..

The extra mile for efficiency

We are also experts in the use of Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) foundations.  Nudura ICF foundations provide you with superior energy efficiency, consistency in performance, and lower utility costs over the lifespan of your home versus traditional building methods.  Find out about Nudura ICF foundations.

Another element of energy efficiency we encourage clients to consider is the use of green “T Studs,” which eliminate what is commonly known as thermal bridge and increase a home’s energy performance. Learn more about T studs

When our clients ask us to design and construct a HERS rated home, we calculate a home’s energy performance and partner with green building consultants to evaluate building material choices, allowing our clients to make the most cost-effective selection in products and features.

Start Saving

Connect with ReThink Enterprise today to learn more about our expertise in the construction of energy efficient, sustainable homes and find out how we can identify cost-efficient ways to incorporate these features into your future home.