Excavation Services in Colorado

Top Excavation Contractors in Colorado Springs

At ReThink Enterprise, you’ll have the resources, expertise and professionals on hand to efficiently complete any project you have in mind.  This includes our full excavation services, with the equipment, expertise and manpower to handle any size or scale of job, from levelling a mountain property to creating erosion control.

Commercial Excavation & Earthwork Services

Complete Digging, Trenching, & Grading Services

We put our excavation equipment to use for a variety of projects, getting construction sites ready for foundation installation, doing trenching, final grading and other earth work, as well as creating proper drainage for properties.  Using strategic planning, care, and seamless execution, we can customize our process to fit any work you require.

While digging a big hole to install a structure may seem simple, it’s a multi-faceted, critical step in the construction process.  It requires tactical planning and flawless execution because the quality, maintenance and longevity of the structure built on the excavated site depend on the process used.  If you want your new home or property to safely stand the test of time, it’s crucial to use an experienced excavator with working knowledge of Colorado’s expandable soils (soils that change in volume when exposed to rain, snow or other sources of water), along with the unique challenges involved in preparing a mountain property for building.  With specialized expertise in excavating steep slopes and mountain terrain, our team has the expertise to handle the Front Range’s rocky soil that makes digging a complex project, and can assess and addresses all other issues that commonly come up in Colorado excavations, like hitting ground water.

Southern Colorado's Excavation Experts

Dirt Removal & Land Clearing Specialists

With experience in dirt removal, land clearing and bulldozing, we work alongside trained, knowledgeable experts who are authorities on Colorado’s expandable soil and the factors involved in excavation, including the continual evaluation of slope stability.  After identifying accessibility, our excavation team expertly handles heavy machinery, equipment and tools to perform your excavation work safely and efficiently, creating a job site that successfully allows us to lay foundations and complete other steps without any surprise problems down the road.  We can also handle any challenges that come up during a dig, including electrical lines, layers of rock or clay, or ground water.

A Trusted Excavating Company in Colorado

Because we own our own excavation equipment and don’t use subcontractors, you can trust that this essential first step to the safety and quality of your project will be in trustworthy hands, and you won’t have to pay for the cost of subcontracting the work.  We’ve done excavation work at a number of sites ranging in size and scope, so whatever your excavation needs may be, please feel free to reach out to us for answers or more information.