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It is of the upmost importance to hire a full-service excavation company that has years of experience with every type and stage of the construction and associated earthwork process. ReThink Enterprise is also a full service builder/general contractor, so we are well aware of impact that a properly done excavation service has on the rest of the project. Our expert excavation team knows what to look for in regards to establishing site access, site prep, material maintenance, selection and delivery. Our team knows what future trades need in regards to rough grading to keep your operations moving smoothly. Additionally, we work closely with our clients and our build crews to ensure that we are not holding up other project phases and that sites are ready for crews as soon as foundation installation is complete. ReThink Enterprise owns and operates its own heavy equipment, ensuring every excavation job is free from logistical issues.  This helps ensure we can stay on schedule as we do not rely on rental equipment availability and delivery. We work with clients on material and site logistics to ensure we are making the most cost effective decisions while executing any of our excavation services. 

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While digging a big hole to install a structure may seem simple, it’s a multi-faceted, critical step in the construction process.  It requires tactical planning and flawless execution because the quality, maintenance and longevity of the structure built on the excavated site depend on the process used.  If you want your new home or property to safely stand the test of time, it’s crucial to use an experienced excavator with working knowledge of Colorado’s expandable soils (soils that change in volume when exposed to rain, snow or other sources of water), along with the unique challenges involved in preparing a mountain property for building.  With specialized expertise in excavating steep slopes and mountain terrain, our team has the expertise to handle the Front Range’s rocky soil that makes digging a complex project, and can assess and addresses all other issues that commonly come up in Colorado excavations, like hitting ground water.

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ReThink Enterprise has experience and specializes in all aspects of Excavation and earthwork. We specialize in layout, establishing elevations, foundation and utility excavation as well as site grading/prep and material maintenance/delivery. Furthermore, we understand that each project is unique, and our diverse range of excavation services ensures that every aspect of your construction site is meticulously prepared.

Site Clearing

Begin your project on a clean slate with our site clearing services. We expertly remove vegetation, debris, and obstacles, providing a blank canvas for your construction vision to come to life


Crafting the perfect landscape is an art, and our grading services ensure that your ground is sculpted to perfection. We level and shape the terrain, guaranteeing optimal drainage and a stable foundation for your structures.


Digging deep to meet the demands of your project, our trenching services create pathways for utilities, pipelines, or foundations. Precision is our hallmark, ensuring that each trench aligns flawlessly with your specifications.

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Professional Excavation services

Because we own our own excavation equipment and don’t use subcontractors, you can trust that this essential first step to the safety and quality of your project will be in trustworthy hands, and you won’t have to pay for the cost of subcontracting the work.  We’ve done excavation work at a number of sites ranging in size and scope, so whatever your excavation needs may be, please feel free to reach out to us for answers or more information.