How Long Does it Take to Build a Custom Home?

How Long Does It Take to Build a Custom Home?

Updated: April 28, 2023

Creating a custom house is an experience that is unmatched by any other. With a custom house builder like ReThink Enterprises LLC, you can design a house just for yourself and your family! Finally, you’ll have a place where you and your family can relax and enjoy life.

How Long Does it Take to Build a House?

Besides comfort, you’ll enjoy building your dream house in your desired location and with numerous customization options, including energy-efficient appliances and privacy. But you may wonder how long it takes to build a customized house.

Here’s a list of things you need to know before starting.

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How Long Does It Take to Build Your Custom Dream Home

Typically, a house takes anywhere from seven to twenty-four months to complete. However, there are times when projects may take less time than expected or longer than anticipated. Several factors affect the length of construction time.

While some of these elements are within your control, you must never hurry the construction of your new house. You can make mistakes if you try to do too much at once. In addition, rushing through the project could leave you dissatisfied with the results. On the other hand, it is essential to keep things moving along smoothly.

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Factors That Affect the Timeframe of Building a House

Some things that could affect the time frame for constructing a custom home include:

  • Weather

Rain, snow, and extreme temperatures can affect the time it takes to complete a project. Although some contractors can continue their projects during inclement weather, the main issue occurs when the ground is too cold to construct the foundation safely. It’s best to contact your contractor, so you can determine the optimal months to resume your project.

  • Building Permits and Inspections

You’ll need to apply for numerous building permit applications, and various inspections must be completed during the construction phase.

Fortunately, you can reduce the time spent on permits and inspections by hiring a professional builder like ReThink Enterprise, which has solid internal systems and is well-versed in handling inspections, HOA approvals, permits, and any other paperwork needed to build your custom home. We’ve handled lots of paperwork for our clients with minimal delays.

  • The Overall Design

When building a larger house, you’ll need to consider the size of the job in addition to the complexity of the design. Smaller homes with simple designs may be built faster than larger houses with more complex designs.

  • Variations

You’re free to change your mind about your custom home’s general idea and final look. However, you must be aware that every change in plan results in an extension of the construction timeline.

  • Building Materials Availability and Delivery

If you’re going for a customized look, you’ll want to get some unique material options. Rare exterior stones, recycled woods, and amazing cabinetry are just a few examples of things you might not find at your local lumberyard. Builders must go out of their way to get these unusual things for your project. Finding these items can be difficult, so you may need to wait until they become available.

Furthermore, even after scheduled deliveries, there may be unexpected issues, such as missing parts, delayed shipments, or incorrect orders.

  • The Lot

You need to ensure that your house sits on stable land. Every lot has its features, and once it’s time to build a home on it, the lot will have to go through the process of clearing, leveling, grading, and more. Raising the home’s foundation may not be suitable even when the ground looks acceptable to you. Again, you might realize there are things beneath the topsoil that ought to be dealt with, affecting the timing of your custom home construction.

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Choose ReThink Enterprises to Bring Your Dream Home to Life

The time it takes to build your own home largely depends on the size and complexities of your home, the available land, construction materials, Mother Earth, inspections and permits, and various other factors.

At ReThink Enterprise, we are equipped with every resource necessary to turn an empty lot into your dream custom home without unnecessary delays. Our team of experts will work with you to deliver efficient, quality work so that you’re left with a home that surpasses your expectation and can be passed down through the generations to come.

Are you ready to bring your dream custom home into reality?

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