Metal Building Ideas for Your Custom Project

Steel Building Ideas

Updated: April 28, 2023

The housing market has majorly shifted over the last few years. Some attributing factors impacting the market have been real estate costs, remote work, increased environmental awareness, and overreliance on digital space. Now potential home buyers are seeking alternatives from the usual norm of buying traditional homes or taking out mortgages. This is where metal building comes in. Let’s explore some metal building ideas!

Metal has found its space in construction, sometimes even being the strongest contender against wood or concrete. Especially for folks who prefer country living, a metal building is a smart idea, whether you’re constructing a home, office space, storage facility, garage, or shed. What’s more, they are customizable, allowing you to add your own personalized touch.

Metal Building Design Ideas

As a relatively new concept, some things might go wrong if you don’t work with professionals in the metal building sector, like ReThink Enterprise LLC. We prioritize customer satisfaction above all else and only take full payment when satisfied that the final product is what you envisioned. We also offer a one-year workmanship guarantee for all our completed projects.

Below, we will explore the many reasons why people choose metal structures over other building materials, especially for custom projects.

Why a Steel Building?

Metal buildings vary considerably from each other in terms of style, design, and aesthetics, but they share some common advantages for both residential and commercial construction projects. Here are some reasons why you should start thinking about metal buildings:

1. Value for Money

10 to 15 percent of the overall cost of construction goes towards the structure. In a competitive environment, selecting the best infrastructure without compromising quality is imperative. You can save up to six percent of the building structure costs when you opt for steel-framed solutions.

2. Quality and Safety

Steel constructions are pre-fabricated under controlled environments – this production stage factors in even the most adverse situations, including heavy and unfavorable weather. Steel buildings are extremely durable, able to withstand the test of time and external circumstances. Plus, metal blends perfectly with concrete, wood, and other common building materials.

3. Speedy Construction

Due to prior off-site preparations during the pre-fabrication stage, on-site installations take a shorter amount of time. Saved time translates into earlier returns on your investment, and a faster finished product.

Options for Your Custom Metal Buildings

Let’s look into some steel building ideas you can consider when designing your metal building:

  • Brighten the Mood with a Splash of Colors

You can paint metals to suit your color theme. For example, if it’s a commercial space for your brand, you can have the painting reflect your business’ color scheme. Even for personal spaces, you have the freedom and ability to let your personality shine through your favorite colors.

  • Take Advantage of Its Versatility

People shy away from steel buildings because initially, they can seem bare and dull. However, adaptability is one of steel’s strong suits. The entire structure doesn’t have to be “all metal.” Play around with different materials to make it look less “industrialized.”

You have an array of options to choose from, like:

  • Bricks
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Concrete blocks
  • Stone panels

Veneer and stucco are predominantly used to achieve unique exterior metal building ideas.

  • Work Magic with the Roof

Do you know how much an impeccable roofing design can enhance a property’s appearance? It’s one of the areas you need to focus on in detail when building from scratch. Steel buildings allow for endless style options. Whether you choose a hip roof, overhangs, or adjust the roof’s pitch, metallic buildings will not limit your roofing preferences.

  • Wide Doors and Windows

Expert constructors don’t underestimate the impact of doors and windows in a building. They are amazing “show-off” fixtures when doing customizations. Furthermore, they are great for proper aeration, letting in natural light, and giving the right first impression to guests and clients.

For doors, there are plenty of options to choose from, including:

  • Sliding doors
  • French doors
  • Overhead doors
  • Metal walk doors
  • Double doors
  • Wood doors
  • Embellished doors

Whether your taste leans towards contemporary and sleek entryways or more traditional styles, metallic building designs do not limit your options. Similar to windows, you can customize based on size and composition in order to achieve the vision you want.

  • Sleek Metal Supports Instead of Columns

Admittedly, columns are essential for structural reinforcement. However, stone columns are limiting and obstructive, and sometimes require you to demolish spaces in case of redesigning. Save yourself the hassle by opting for bolstering metal support. This idea makes the columns blend effortlessly with the rest of the room.

Custom Metal Building Size

Are you constructing an industrial warehouse, home, workshop, etc.? Is it a whole building or just an extension of an already existing space? These questions are crucial when taking size into consideration.

Average metal building sizes are always around 40 by 60 feet. However, there’s no size limit to what you can build with steel. This is also the best moment to let ReThink Enterprise LCC guide you based on the intention of the construction and location.

Lighter or Heavier Gauge Steel for Custom Metal Buildings

At ReThink Enterprise LLC, we also incorporate framing when customizing the building, offering 12 and 14-gauge options. It’s our job to advise you regarding whether your project needs a thicker layer or a thinner one. For example, if the location is prone to stormy winds, a 12 gauge will suffice.

What Makes ReThink Enterprise LLC the Right Choice for Builds

Our company specializes in building custom homes, metal structures, outbuildings, and excavation services. We share your vision and walk with you through the process, from creating a vision board, visiting the site, planning for preliminary engineering, developing budgets, groundbreaking, and building.

As a full-service contractor, we have the equipment, partnerships, and resources necessary for each step of custom home construction.

Are you planning to build a home or structure in Colorado? Contact us today!

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