Steel buildings with living quarters in Colorado

The way to live big—on a budget
At ReThink Enterprise, we’re continually committed to being on the leading-edge of building trends and creating new and inventive ways for our customers to live in their dream homes.  Steel Buildings evoke our values perfectly, offering an innovative and cost-effective way to build and customize a space with many benefits.  Our Steel Buildings come with all the perks of a custom-built home at a fraction of the price. 

The term “barndominium” is a play on the word “barn” and “condominium.”  The name says it all—a barndominium is simply defined as a metal structure that houses a living space.  These structures can be as basic in look and feel as a classic pole barn, but don’t let the term fool you. 

While yesterday’s barndominium was a simple outbuilding converted for living purposes, today’s barndominium gives homebuilders the ability to live in a luxurious, quality custom space with insulation, plumbing, electricity and energy-efficiency at a much lower price point than that of a more traditional home build. If you have any questions, please Contact Us today!

Endless Possibilities

We can construct a barndominium with the look, feel and upgrades you’ve dreamt of, help you select every up-to-date feature you require, and create a range of aesthetics.  Barndominiums can be built to fit all of your dreams as the solution to your work and storage needs or provide you and your family with a clean-lined mountain retreat.  The possibilities offered by a barndominium are endless, so we encourage you to call us if you’re considering this fresh and unique take on homebuilding. Learn more about all of our services!

People looking for a budget-friendly, spacious, customizable, durable new home build option are now choosing barndominiums, which can be built in a range of sizes, shapes and layouts.  These homes combine the benefits of new homebuilding with a price tag that’s closer to that of an outbuilding and use materials that provide flexibility—they can be simple one-room tiny homes, or incorporate a six-bedroom living space with a full workshop. 

Barndominiums are becoming an especially popular choice in rural and mountain areas, including the Front Range, where ReThink Enterprise clients are seeking more creative ways to embrace affordable homebuilding options that are both sturdy and flexible.  Because they’re built from metal, these structures can stand up to weather elements like hail and snow, as well as fire, offering safety and peace of mind.  Owners can also sleep easier knowing that a life in a bardominium comes with dramatically reduced maintenance needs and upkeep costs

steel frame construction for barndominium in winter with snow on the ground

Live Big on a Budget

If you’re considering using structural steel, please give ReThink Enterprise a call—as experts in the material and its many uses, we can help you plan how to get the biggest bang for your buck and walk you through the design process before creating a space that offers you a full range of functions.  We have experience designing and constructing buildings of all shapes, sizes and uses and we’re happy to discuss your project with you.