Timber frame homes

For some homeowners, a cookie-cutter drywall and particle board structure just isn’t enough. Timber frame homes are designed to last for generations using centuries of building tradition and large, beautiful timber beams. These homes combine the structural integrity and appearance of traditional timber frame construction with the luxuries of modern technological advancements.

If you are looking to build or buy a new timber frame home in Colorado, ReThink Enterprise LLC can make this beautiful dream come true.

What is a Timber Home?

A timber frame home is a home that has been built from the ground up with large wooden beams and posts, forming an incredibly stable and beautiful structure. Timber frame homes do not require interior load-bearing walls, as the timbers provide complete structural support. Typically, timbers are connected by traditional mortise and tenon joints that fit together precisely and flex naturally with the weather and, properly maintained, can last hundreds of years in excellent condition.

What’s the Difference Between Post-And-Beam and Timber Frame Homes?

Both timber frame homes and post-and-beam homes are built primarily with a wooden beam structure that is typically visible throughout the interior and exterior of the house. However, there are some important differences. The primary difference between timber home design and post-and-beam design is the fastening method.

Timber beam homes have entirely wooden fasteners, using complex joinery cuts, mortise and tenon joints, and wooden pegs that require advanced engineering to accomplish effectively. Post-and-beam homes combine several types of joinery, including exterior metal fasteners to hold everything in place. Therefore, post-and-beam homes vary much more widely in types of joinery and durability when the home is complete.


Benefits of Timber Framing

Timber-framed house plans provide a significant number of benefits to every homeowner.

Longevity and Durability

Humans have been building with timber frame design for over a thousand years, and many of the oldest structures still standing are timber-framed. If you are looking for a home that will last for generations, providing a beautiful space and excellent durability, timber-framed homes are a superior choice. The incredibly dense, large timbers make the home resistant to elements yet more flexible than other building materials in resisting storms or ground shifts.

Adaptive Design

Timber frame designs come in many shapes and varieties. From your choice of timber tree to floor plans, the spacious nature of a timber-framed home invites many different floorplans and styles. The one unifying trend is visible timbers that add richness and detail to every design. Timber frame homes also renovate well because no load-bearing walls are within, allowing you to build and rebuild or maintain the original design for decades or centuries.

Superior Insulation

Timber-framed house plans tend toward a cellular design structure that includes air pockets for insulation. A properly built timber frame home can resist the cold and the heat with equal satisfaction. This is great for HVAC savings and all-year comfort, whether you build your timber-framed house in the snowy mountains or on the sunny side of Colorado.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Lastly, timber-framed homes are among the most eco-friendly building options in the modern market. With little need for concrete and metal, timber is beautifully renewable and non-toxic by nature. When combined with sustainable modern construction methods, timber frame home building can achieve a genuinely green result in your home’s short-term and long-term impact.

Energy-Efficient Timber Frame Homes

A timber frame is an excellent starting point for energy-efficient design. From there, insulated panels can be added to create your siding and interior rooms. Timbers provide a baseline for insulated space between the walls, while expert sealing ensures interior air control. Your attic can provide just the right amount of ventilation.

Electrical efficiency is also rooted in the modern breaker and circuit design and an excellent choice of built-in energy-efficient appliances. Water conservation can be achieved with efficient fixtures and appliances that use the least water for the most result. Together, your timber-framed home can become a beautifully efficient place to live or vacation.


Building Timber Frame Homes Throughout Colorado

Create a beautiful timber-framed home for your family’s permanent or vacation residence in Colorado with ReThink Enterprise. Our expert structural engineers have extensive experience in timber-framed house plans’ beautiful, natural, and durable methods. Whether you want to design a spacious family home or a cozy cottage getaway, we can bring your vision to life through beautiful timber beams and energy-efficient modern construction design. Contact us today to unlock your timber-framed dream home in Colorado.