Needing a workspace that’s perfectly suited to your industry or craft?  If your work or hobby has outgrown its space and doesn’t function well, you’re ready to launch a new endeavour or you just need a safe and sturdy place to store equipment and property,  ReThink Enterprises can create a customized garage, workshop or outbuilding specifically tailored to the nature, size and scope of your work.

The key to creating an efficient and productive workspace is precise planning.  We design garages, workshops and other buildings with the same precision and attention to detail as we pay to custom homes because we recognize your project is a significant investment and a place where you’ll want to feel at home while working unimpeded.  As experienced craftsmen, we understand what you need to operate at a full capacity and we thrive on coming up with new and creative ways to meet those needs.  Thinking through a workspace ahead of time will add to the value of your building and boost efficiency and usability.  When designing a workspace, you’ll want to consider factors like workflow, setup, utilities, lighting, temperature and power when designing a building.  We can plan and execute projects that maximize your space and offer ease of use.

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